Please find below some of the FAQ we get asked.

Dusty Boots Travel Difference: Our distinction lies in our small, passionate team dedicated to crafting luxury, bespoke safaris focused on sustainability, conservation, and community impact. We aim to offer more than just a safari; we provide life-changing experiences that resonate with like-minded individuals. With every journey, we strive to make a positive impact. Our flexibility in planning, and our exceptional travel partners across Africa, ensures each safari is an authentic, personalized adventure. We don't just create once-in-a-lifetime trips; we curate tailor-made African Safaris that guests yearn to repeat and share with others.

Eco-Friendly and Conservation Support: We partner with eco-friendly lodges and engage in practices that minimize environmental impact while supporting wildlife conservation and community initiatives.

Accommodations: Our safaris feature a range of luxurious lodges and camps, ensuring comfort, outstanding service, and a true immersion in the African wilderness. Options include unique Star Beds, Fly Camps for a closer-to-nature experience, and more traditional, authentic safari camps. We collaborate with exceptional travel partners across Africa to offer a variety of accommodations, catering to different tastes and ensuring a memorable stay.

Tailoring Safaris: We personalize each safari based on your interests, preferences, and desired level of adventure, ensuring a unique and memorable journey.

Dietary Accommodations: We cater to all dietary needs and preferences, ensuring high-quality, delicious meals throughout your safari.

Wildlife Expectations: Depending on the destination, you can see the Big Five, rare species, birdlife, and participate in unique wildlife encounters.

Safety and Security: We prioritize your safety with experienced guides, well-planned itineraries, and adherence to all safety protocols.

Physical Activity Level: Activities range from leisurely to active, including game drives, walking safaris, and more, tailored to your comfort level.

Multi-Country Itineraries: Absolutely, we specialize in creating multi-country itineraries that encompass a diverse array of African destinations. For instance, you could start your journey in Cape Town, move to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, and end at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We also offer trips that combine the African mainland with stunning Indian Ocean Islands like Zanzibar, Madagascar, or Seychelles. Exploring Kenya and Tanzania together is another popular option. These are just a few examples of the many multi-destination safari possibilities we can arrange to ensure a rich and varied experience of Africa's wonders.

Payment and Cancellation Policies: We offer transparent and fair policies, with details provided during the booking process.

Family-Friendly Safaris: Our safaris are customizable to suit families, ensuring safe, educational, and enjoyable experiences for all ages.

Community Contributions: A portion of our proceeds supports local communities, ensuring a positive impact from every safari.

Cultural Interactions: We offer authentic cultural experiences, allowing you to engage and learn from local communities in a respectful and meaningful way.

Yes, we specialize in customizing wildlife photographic safaris, catering to both amateur and professional photographers seeking the perfect shot.

No, our focus is on premium, sustainable safari experiences. However, we offer value through special deals like 'stay 6 nights, pay for 5', and work with partners to include perks like free flights between camps or complimentary scenic helicopter rides. Our goal is to create a win-win situation for our guests, travel partners, and the conservation and community projects we support. We strive to secure the best possible deals without compromising on the quality and integrity of the safari experience.

We rely on trusted partners for exceptional service, accommodations, meals, drinks, and safari experiences in Africa's remote wildlife havens. Our focus is on quality and safety, including well-managed transfers and the ability to handle emergencies. These high standards, along with our commitment to working with reputable partners, contribute to the cost. We prioritize offering enriching experiences that justify the investment in your journey, ensuring both your satisfaction and the support of sustainable tourism practices.

Exclusive Safari? Yes, we offer exclusive use of camps and lodges for a truly private safari experience. These include services like private butlers, private local flights and transfers, and personalized safari activities, ensuring a bespoke and luxurious adventure tailored to your preferences.

Family Safaris? Absolutely, we specialize in family-friendly safaris and highly encourage parents to bring their children. Our itineraries are designed to be safe, enjoyable, and educational for all ages, fostering a love and understanding of nature and wildlife in young minds. We believe that introducing children to the wonders of the African wilderness is key to future conservation efforts.