What to Pack

What to Pack For a Botswana Safari

Neutral-colored, light-layered clothing (avoid bright colors for walking safaris)

Essential clothing: Both long and short-sleeve shirts, trousers

Warm fleece or jumper for cooler evenings

Waterproof jacket

Sturdy, comfortable shoes and flip-flops/sandals

Swimming attire, hat/baseball cap

Sunglasses and sun-cream

Personal items: Toiletries, small medical kit, etc.

Torch, plug adapters, and charging equipment

Binoculars and camera

Books or similar items for relaxation during siesta time

Consult a healthcare professional for advice on vaccinations and malaria prevention




The Victoria Falls, a globally recognized natural wonder, are essential in any Zambian itinerary. Offering both large hotels at the Falls' edge and more intimate boutique camps upstream, the area caters to varied preferences.

Activities include microlight flights, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and unique experiences at the Devils Pools, Elephant Café, and Livingstone Island.

Located near the Zambezi River and the Zimbabwe border, Livingstone serves as a gateway to the Falls, which are best experienced between July and October, balancing high water levels for a stunning view and lower levels for water-based activities.

Liuwa Plain

Liuwa Plain National Park, one of Zambia’s most remote national park, nestled near the upper Zambezi River and the Angola border, is a remote expanse of grasslands, pans, and Kalahari woodlands. Flooding during the rainy season (December to April) and its remote location make it a tranquil, secluded destination.

Visitors often feel a sense of solitude and enchantment amidst its abundant wildlife and panoramic views. Its key attraction is the annual Blue wildebeest migration, the world's second-largest, occurring around November.

Liuwa Plains is renowned for its diverse birdlife, with some pans retaining water throughout the year.

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